Research Topics

We propose and establish the new frontier of plasma science & technology for the 21st century - Micro-/Nano-Space Plasma Materials Science:

  1. Generation and characterization of Micro-/Nano-Space Plasmas using piezo-technology and micro-fabrication techniques.
  2. Application of Micro-/Nano-Space Plasmas to materials processing, such as integrated plasma processing devices (plasma chip).
  3. Application of high-density Micro-/Nano-Space Plasma to plasma displays.
  4. Development of plasma environmental scanning probe microscopy (SPM) and its application to the study of the interface between plasmas and solid surfaces.
  5. Development of hot-cluster deposition and its application to functional ceramics epitaxial film synthesis.
  6. Opto-chemical nano-particles and composites prepared by laser and nano-plasma processing.
  7. Supercritical fluid plasma processing.